Do You Have Fallen Trees Littering Your Property?

Learn the benefits of wood chipping in Crescent City, Putnam County & Pierson, FL

Strong winds can knock over weak and dying trees. Instead of trying to haul them away yourself, you need CJ Dirtwork in Crescent City, Putnam County & Pierson, FL. Our experienced team offers wood chipping services to turn your fallen trees into useful mulch.

You can hire us to clear away trees, turn them into wood chips and then remove the debris for an additional fee. Or you can keep the wood chips to use as mulch for your landscaping.

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There's no job too big for us

Rely on us to complete wood chipping services for your small residential property or large commercial location. You'll enjoy a cleaner property after we finish wood chipping.

We offer free in-person estimates before we begin any wood chipping. Call 386-559-8800 to schedule a visit from our team today.

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Make wood chips out of a fallen tree

Is there a fallen tree on your property? Don’t have it removed just yet. The pros at CJ Dirtwork can provide wood chipping services so you can add mulch to your landscape or forest floor.

Wood chipping a fallen tree can save you money on future mulch purchases. Locally sourced mulch is also better for the soil. You can use the mulch to:

  • Prevent weed growth
  • Enhance your landscape
  • Keep more nutrients in the soil
  • Help the soil retain water

Turn to CJ Dirtwork for wood chipping services in Crescent City or Putnam County, FL. Contact us now for more information about our wood chipping process.